Instructors KRIS CARTER
Location N/A
Date June 21-23, 2-16
POST Control No. 9080-10742-15-002
Seats 30
Price $426


This seminar is specifically designed for civilian and sworn police personnel who supervise or manage civilian employees. Since the contents and instructors in this seminar will change every two years, this class can be considered for repeat attendance. It is recommended that a participant have prior supervisory training and/or experience.  


The agenda is divided into three eight-hour modules as follows:

  • Issues Management  This session is conducted by a three-member panel of subject matter experts. The topics and issues will be generated by the participants via a pre-seminar questionnaire.  Issues not covered the first day will be carried forward into days two and three.


  • Personnel Investigations and Issues   This session will cover at a minimum: updated legal issues and IA investigations; discipline and evidentiary hearings; discrimination/harassment complaints; negligent training, retention, and hiring; recent POBR cases (Govt. Code 3300); labor law issues; administration of public records; and personnel matters relating to computer usage.


  • Generations at Work  This day is devoted to contemporary challenges and proven practices for successfully leading a multi-generational work force.? The focus will be on methods for building bridges between generations.