Instructors PAUL M. WHISENAND, Ph.D.
Location N/A
Date April 12--14 2016
POST Control No. 9080-12490-14-02
Seats 24
Price $409


This seminar includes three days of in-depth coverage of the latest trends in effective leadership and supervisory practices. This seminar is specifically designed for sworn and civilian supervisors who are committed to learning and applying the latest and most advanced approaches to supervision and leadership. It also serves as a valuable step in supporting career advancement and enlargement.



Strength-based leadership is a dramatic departure from previous theories and practices and is rapidly spreading in use and influence.  Universities such as Stanford, USC, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania have adopted this leadership model along with several California law enforcement agencies.   Dr. Whisenand is one of a handful of authorities on the application of strength-based leadership techniques and principles.  

This three-day course will provide a focused and comprehensive approach to this topic as well as provide students with practical tools for application in the workplace.  Unlike a lecture or power point presentation, highly interactive exercises will require the active involvement of the entire class.   To be covered in detail are the following seven signature strengths:


*Each student will receive an individual analysis of their unique “delivery style” by means of two powerful awareness scales, the LIFO and FIRO-B.  Dr. Whisenand is licensed to administer these scales, which will provide each individual with a thorough understanding of their individual leadership strengths.    This is a unique component of a leadership course and the first to be offered by PMW Associates.