Location N/A
Date June 6-10, 2016
POST Control No. 9080-10740-15-001
Seats 25
Price $561


This seminar is specifically designed for civilian and sworn police personnel who supervise or manage civilian employees. Because the material and instructors change every two years, this class can be considered for repeat attendance.  There are no pre-requisites for the course;  prior supervisory experience is helpful but not required.


The agenda is divided into five 8-hour modules:

Day One: Leadership and Proven Management Practices

Day one opens with a review of best leadership and management practices.  Through group discussion/interaction, challenges that influence the role and responsibility of a civilian manager will be identified and appropriate management techniques will be formulated.  A segment regarding the value of expressing gratitude in the workplace will be a group project.  .

Day Two: Budget and Financial Administration

Day two concentrates on the basics of preparing, presenting, and administering a department or division budget.  Methods of developing and justifying budget requests will be explored.   

Day Three:  Wellness in the Workplace

Day three includes topics such as stress management, compassion fatigue, and burnout. Coping skills including valuable information on nutrition, exercise and ways to help eliminate stressors will also be discussed.

Day Four: Personnel Issues/Legal Update

Day four provides an overview and update of laws involving hiring, retention, training, and supervising personnel.  Disciplinary actions and discrimination/harassment prevention and complaint handling will be covered.  The instructor is an attorney experienced in labor and employment law.  


A practicum of the concepts covered in the first four days will conclude the course.  Participants will discuss the importance of goal setting and strategic planning in the context of their supervisorial/leadership roles.