Instructors JENNIFER K. McCAIN, J.D.
Location N/A
Date March 15-17, 2016
POST Control No. 9080-32100-15-002
Seats 25
Price $428


This thought provoking and informative seminar is programmed for internal affairs investigators as well as all police managers and supervisors. Based on frequent changes in police personnel laws and practices, it is recommended that this seminar be repeated every one to two years.


The agenda is divided into three, eight-hour modules as follows:

  • Personnel Law Update   This session provides an overview of: The Public Safety Officers’ Procedural Bill of Rights; legal issues associated with IA investigations; discipline and evidentiary hearings; judicial review of IA investigations and disciplinary process; discrimination/harassment complaints; recent changes in personnel case law; long-range impact of disciplinary decisions; and civilian review boards.
  • The Disciplinary Process   Day two covers: the rules and laws of hiring, retention, training, and supervising; related civil litigation regarding defenses and damages; citizen complaints and recourse for false complaints; rights to representation; Skelly Process; and grievance procedures.
  • Case Examples   This session includes case studies and small group problem solving.  Role playing is used, and individual cases are examined.  This final day probes actual IA situations and challenges.